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About Us

Niall Boylan is better known as the controversial Talk Show host on Irelands wireless but besides being famous for his big mouth on Classic Hits 4FM, 98FM, FM104, Sunshine Radio, Dublin’s County 106FM,  he was also successful for many business ideas in the past. He ran a successful DJ agency, Hair Replacement Clinic, Media Marketing Contractor and he is a general all round ideas man.

His friends and family will warn you that sitting down and sleeping are not his favourite past time and since the day he left school he will tell you he has never worked for anybody but works with everybody.

In 2009 he watched the recession hit Ireland and hit a personal low point in his own success and decided he would capitalise on the online market. He watched other business onoline come and go for a couple of years while he hatched a plan. He had the foresight to register the business and domain name for CheapDeals,ie . His reasoning was based on an old paint commercial “it does exactly what it says on the tin” . He wanted to offer the public a Cheap or Free way to buy expensive goods and a Cheap or Free  way to resell them again when they were bored with them.

With a good technical background he would arrive home from a 1000 capacity nightclub to the silence of his home, where the his family were sleeping and work on a website that would set out correcting the mistakes he observed in other sites supplying a similar service. Operating on a few hours’ sleep a day eventually he was about 80% there but felt the site was still missing something. Yes the name was right but the service was wrong and it was no different to a million other websites.

IN 2011 he was asked to go back to the radio industry and the new Multi-City Radio Station Classic Hits 4FM. Having a family and a mortgage makes decisions very quickly during a recession. This new JOB meant he needed to be completely dedicated and left little time to pursue the final 20% of CheapDeals.ie and he also felt the market was becoming saturated with poor quality versions of what he was attempting to do.

Time passed and his Radio Career took priority and Ratings have climbed as did his work load after his popularity was appealing he was asked to do a second show every day on the same station. All the while with the Help of a friend in the UK who had a technical knowledge ( Enter Sarah Grey) of code, servers and databases he was keeping CheapDeals.ie alive on his own computer but never actually making it available to the public because he never felt it was right.

IN 2015 he watched the competitors for his idea run out of steam and decided the time was right to get back to what he needed to do but working eight hours a day on a split shift and coming home at 1am in the morning meant getting back to working on his computer in the middle of the night again.

Also in 4 years so much had changed in technology and simplicity on the Internet and the whole website really needed to be redesigned and rebuilt.

When It Really It Started

One day he received a chance email to the radio station from Aiden Doyle who was a keen radio fan an another ideas man and he was looking for advice on putting music on the cloud for radio stations and asked could Niall meet for a coffee. At that meeting Aiden mentioned that he was a web coder and designer Niall happened to mention in an off the cuff remark that he was working on a web project and asked for advice in return and since then Aiden Doyle abandoned everything he was currently doing and spent every night and spare hour writing code and coming up with ideas to make CheapDeals.ie the website Niall had originally planned it to be.

Aiden Doyle (programmer) has a background in web design and over the years was involved in many projects including buying and selling online so CheapDeals.ie was just an natural evolution of his own career,

Sarah Grey a UK based programmer with plans to move back to Ireland was on hand to help out with the technical questions the guys couldn’t get passed. An idea was thrown out and if Aiden couldn’t figure it out Sarah was called on to make it happen. She fixes things when Niall and Aiden break them with over enthusiasm. She is like the anchor in a runaway ship. The plan was Cheapdeals.ie would be in the market by February 2016 and the target was set.

Why The Delay

February came and went and the delay was caused by perfection. The website had been totally redesigned with a new mobile phone friendly design, new logo, new colour scheme, more categories than any other website. Every time they got close to launching the site they would come up with another idea that makes it unique to the public using it. Niall would ask friends to sit and put a listing on the site and observe the average user habits and watch there mouse movements and adjustments to the site would be made setting them back days and weeks each time just to make it more user friendly.

The Focus

They wanted to make the site Unique and a one stop whop no matter what you are selling. No matter whether you wanted to sell a pair of shoes, a car, a house or get a job it had to be made easy. The problems with other sites were observed and ability to make mistakes by users spelling items wrong was eliminated by making different listing forms for every item, which took months of typing and coding.

  • The ability to see exactly where the Three Bedroom House for sale was with Street View.
  • The step by step process of placing a listing was made simpler and easier than any other site.
  • The visual experience had to be good for the buyers and the seller.
  • The ability to open your own shop and accept payments through the site.
  • The ability to place a classified AD for FREE with no charge even when its sold.
  • The ability to pay using any method at home or on the move.
  • The ability to buy credits up front and use them to make your ad stand out.
  • The simple registration process for sellers and professional’s.
  • No large fees for advertising property which was common place.
  • Category filters custom built for every single category to make it easier to find exactly what you want.
  • A clever and intelligent search engine that knows what you want before you do.
  • A personal compare box so you can examine similar items side by side and make your decision to buy the one that best suits your needs.

Money Will Never Be A Factor

Posting an AD will be Free on Cheapdeals.ie making it accessible to everybody and revenue will be made through advertising and users wanting their Ad’s to stand out.

Our Team Members

Niall Boylan


Aiden Doyle


Sarah Gray